3 Tips for Amazing Arms on the Catwalk

Raggedy arms are all too common as models strut down the catwalk. Here are a few tips I give my coaching clients…

1. Natural Arm Swing

It’s more common than not to see models walking with uneven arms, meaning that one arm is swinging harder than the other. The proper swing would be a natural forward/back sway at the sides of the body, or a smooth side-to-side sway behind the body. Either way works, it’s really a preference of the model. The key here is to watch yourself in a mirror or on video to see if you have uneven arms, and balance out the swing.

2. Hand on Hip

Hands on hips are very common at the tip of the runway, however some models like to walk with one or two hands on hips as well. I personally, do not recommend walking with two hands on hips for your entire walk to the tip because it then becomes a crutch. So, I suggest two options: One hand on hip with the other hand naturally swinging at your side, or natural arm swing and one or two hands on hips at the tip.

NOTE: Hands on the hip are generally on the waist, not the actual hip. Also, the placement should be solid and intentional, and not halfway. It’s either on the hip, or it’s not!

3. Pocket Placement

Placing hands in pockets is a great way to highlight a garment, and give you as the model something to do with your hands. Feel free to use one or both hands in the pockets while walking or at the tip (unless they’re back pockets on pants). Remember, to place the hands lightly — no one wants to see your balled up fists stuffed in the pockets. Slide your hands into the pockets, keeping your thumb on the outside, and elbows back. Can’t have those elbows swinging!

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on these tips for amazing arms on the catwalk! Hope they come in handy at your next fashion show!

See you on the runway! 💋