Fashion shows almost never run smoothly. It’s chaotic backstage, and there’s not enough time to do everything. It’ll have you singing like Wyclef Jean, “Someone please call 911!” But no need, because after years of experience, there are a few things I recommend models have in case of a model emergency … and since you’re reading this post, you’ll be the one to save the day!

  1. Fashion Tape/Safety Pins – Simply because many times no one else has fashion tape or safety pins. If you have it, you don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction while you’re strutting the catwalk. These also help with garments that are ill-fitting, not hemmed, or too long.
  2. Masking Tape – Slippery runway? Avoid an embarrassing slip and fall by covering the bottom of your shoes with masking tape.
  3. Makeup Bag – Because sometimes the MUAs aren’t very good, or may run out of time before you can get your face beat. Have your full glam kit ready to go because you need to do (or re-do) your own face!
  4. Hair Kit – Have whatever you need to do your own hair in case there is no time for your hair to get done before showtime! So, if that means products/accessories, hair irons, or even a good ponytail or wig, everything needed to get you runway ready.

I suggest keeping these items in your model bag because you never know when a model emergency will arise!

See You on the Runway! 💋