We live in a world where a nip slip or crotch watch can live on the internet FOREVER!!! No one wants to be caught on the runway with a wardrobe malfunction. Here are my top 4 tips for avoiding that embarrassment.

  1. Fashion Tape – If you’re familiar with my #RunMon blogs, you can see I love Fashion Tape! It’s inexpensive, simple to use, and easy to find at a local drug store. Plus, a little fashion tape can keep that deep V collar, loose strap, or weak buttons in place.
  2. Check all knots – Whether it’s a wrap top/dress/skirt, or even the knot on a tied shoe, check to make sure everything is tied tight and the knot isn’t about to untie. Double knot them if necessary. Once you hit the catwalk, you don’t want the movement of your walk to cause that knot to untie in front of everyone.
  3. Use your limbs – Let’s say you’re mid-strut and you feel that strap falling, or that knot loosening up. Don’t fret! Put a hand on your hip to hold that skirt/dress in place, or keep that loose strap from falling any further off your shoulder. Also, there’s nothing wrong with making a quick adjustment to keep those puppies inside of that top. An adjustment is better than exposure!
  4. Cover up – If you can wear undergarments with the outfit without obstructing the look (if you can see bra straps, panty lines, etc.), where them! Throw on some short bike shorts underneath a super short skirt. Protect yourself!!

Have you experienced a wardrobe malfunction on the runway? What did you do? Comment below and let me know.

See You on the Runway! 💋