You gotta invest in you. You are your brand. You gotta be a well-rounded model.

I was inspired this weekend … I hosted a runway workshop with my friend Samantha Davis, CEO of the Bay Plus Show & Expo in Oakland, CA. Two of the models who attended my class had been modeling for 14 & 15 years! It was humbling for me to see that they trusted me with their runway training, and I was impressed that they even attended seeing that they’ve been doing this for so long. And what was amazing is that after the class I specifically asked them both if they enjoyed themselves, and if they learned anything … AND THEY BOTH SAID THEY LEARNED SOMETHING NEW IN MY CLASS!!

This just goes to show you that no matter how long you’ve been doing something, proper training makes a big difference! Invest in yourself and your craft! It only increases your value as a model.

Let me know your thoughts below … what kind of training have you had? Was it beneficial?

See you on the runway! 💋