As a model, there’s always a chance for last minute auditions, fittings, and bookings. You may not have time to head home to prepare. Here are a few things you should always keep nearby in a trunk or someplace easily accessible.

  1. Shoes – Models should always keep a neutral pair of heels or dress shoes so you’re ready to rock the runway, or audition.
  2. Makeup – To make yourself presentable on the go! It doesn’t need to be your full-on glam kit, but a little drugstore makeup to give your face a lil life is perfect!
  3. Zed/Business cards – To leave behind so that designer/fashion show producer/important person has a face and name to remember how professional and prepared you were at the last minute!

Comment below and let me know if you’ve ever been called last minute and didn’t have these items. What did you do?

See You on the Runway! 💋


SIP: Nashville

I’m proud to partner with Sisters in Power for their 2019 Women’s Empowerment Tour as their runway coach and choreographer! I’ll be traveling with them one weekend of each month May-October. Come see me in your city!


SIP: Charleston

I’m proud to partner with Sisters in Power for their 2019 Women’s Empowerment Tour as their runway coach and choreographer! I’ll be traveling with them one weekend of each month May-October. Come see me in your city!



Fashion shows almost never run smoothly. It’s chaotic backstage, and there’s not enough time to do everything. It’ll have you singing like Wyclef Jean, “Someone please call 911!” But no need, because after years of experience, there are a few things I recommend models have in case of a model emergency … and since you’re reading this post, you’ll be the one to save the day!

  1. Fashion Tape/Safety Pins – Simply because many times no one else has fashion tape or safety pins. If you have it, you don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction while you’re strutting the catwalk. These also help with garments that are ill-fitting, not hemmed, or too long.
  2. Masking Tape – Slippery runway? Avoid an embarrassing slip and fall by covering the bottom of your shoes with masking tape.
  3. Makeup Bag – Because sometimes the MUAs aren’t very good, or may run out of time before you can get your face beat. Have your full glam kit ready to go because you need to do (or re-do) your own face!
  4. Hair Kit – Have whatever you need to do your own hair in case there is no time for your hair to get done before showtime! So, if that means products/accessories, hair irons, or even a good ponytail or wig, everything needed to get you runway ready.

I suggest keeping these items in your model bag because you never know when a model emergency will arise!

See You on the Runway! 💋


How to Prepare for a Runway Show

Congrats! You booked a runway show. Now, what do you do?

Pack Your Model Bag

Prepare your model bag with all of the things you know you’ll need: shoes, appropriate undergarments, face cover, baby wipes, fashion tape, clear deodorant, scentless lotion, makeup. Of course, also include anything specifically requested by the designer or show producer.

Body Prep

Be sure to shower, and moisturize. Don’t forget to shave in the appropriate places! If you’ve already gotten your measurements taken or done a fitting, do not gain or lose weight before the show. The designer is counting on you to be the same size to fit the clothing.

Hair/Face Prep

Always arrive at the show with clean hair and face, unless instructed otherwise. It will be more work for hair and makeup team to have to undo what you’ve done in order to prepare you for the show.

Other Prep

Bring zed cards, business cards, photos, etc. so that you can network with other models, designers, or show attendees. Your next gig may come from someone who saw you walk that night!

Comment below and let me know how you prepare for fashion shows. Did you learn anything new from my tips, or am I missing something vital that you always do when you book a show?

See you on the runway!


3 Tips for Amazing Arms on the Catwalk

Raggedy arms are all too common as models strut down the catwalk. Here are a few tips I give my coaching clients…

1. Natural Arm Swing

It’s more common than not to see models walking with uneven arms, meaning that one arm is swinging harder than the other. The proper swing would be a natural forward/back sway at the sides of the body, or a smooth side-to-side sway behind the body. Either way works, it’s really a preference of the model. The key here is to watch yourself in a mirror or on video to see if you have uneven arms, and balance out the swing.

2. Hand on Hip

Hands on hips are very common at the tip of the runway, however some models like to walk with one or two hands on hips as well. I personally, do not recommend walking with two hands on hips for your entire walk to the tip because it then becomes a crutch. So, I suggest two options: One hand on hip with the other hand naturally swinging at your side, or natural arm swing and one or two hands on hips at the tip.

NOTE: Hands on the hip are generally on the waist, not the actual hip. Also, the placement should be solid and intentional, and not halfway. It’s either on the hip, or it’s not!

3. Pocket Placement

Placing hands in pockets is a great way to highlight a garment, and give you as the model something to do with your hands. Feel free to use one or both hands in the pockets while walking or at the tip (unless they’re back pockets on pants). Remember, to place the hands lightly — no one wants to see your balled up fists stuffed in the pockets. Slide your hands into the pockets, keeping your thumb on the outside, and elbows back. Can’t have those elbows swinging!

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on these tips for amazing arms on the catwalk! Hope they come in handy at your next fashion show!

See you on the runway! 💋


Biggest Mistakes Amateur Models Make

Hello There! 👋🏾

Runway modeling is not a hard industry to break into. Especially, if you live in a big city there are countless opportunities for aspiring models to hit the runway. However, a booked show does not equate to professionalism. Check out the list of biggest mistakes amateur models make. If you’re doing any of these, you most likely have some learning to do.

Bringing improper shoes

Inexperienced models often bring their highest or trendiest shoes, but these aren’t always the easiest to walk in, or slip on and off quickly. If providing their own shoes, models should bring shoes that that can be changed easily, and will allow for a strong strut.

Wrinkling/soiling designer  garments

Returning a designer garment with makeup or deodorant stains is unacceptable. And, sitting in a designer outfit after it’s been freshly pressed is another no no. Once dressed, STAND backstage until it’s showtime, and bring face guards to protect the garment from makeup and other stains.

Improper pacing

Walking too slow or too fast is another common mistake new models make. Unless directed, it’s not necessary to walk to the beat of the music, however a nice, even pace is always appreciated.

If you find yourself doing any of the things listed above, you’re still on your way to becoming a professional. Don’t fret! Feel free to contact me for runway coaching, and stay tuned each week for more Runway Monday! 😘


Hello, 2017!

At the start of each year, I imagine where I would be on December 31st of that year…

who will be in my life?

who will no longer be in my life?

where will I live?

what am I proud of?

what did I learn?


2016 had a few bumps in the road, but I made it through, I accomplished, I conquered, and I learned. As 2017 begins, I’m excited for the opportunities to come, and I challenge myself to walk in my strongest confidence, to be unapologetically me, trust my gut, and no longer care what others’ think about me. Those are my big goals for this year, and I expect be that and more! We can do it together! No more fear, stand strong, walk boldly, and take no mess! #STRUT #WalkInLifeLikeOnTheRunway


Check out my vid below. It is a reminder to me of the confidence I exude when I’m walking in my purpose and passion. This is how I will walk through life. 




Awesome Runway Workshop! Pics!

Another great two hour Beginner Runway Workshop: LA Fashion Week Edition in Hollywood on Feb 27th. We had a six-model turnout, and one even traveled all the way from New Mexico! They’re already asking about the next one. I love what I do!

Congrats to the ladies who attended!

Special thanks to NTG Photographer Nick Woods of Angle & Attitude Photography for the photos, and Brandi Allen for assisting with music, etc.

Check out pics below!



TWO Runway Workshops Feb 2016 – LAFW Edition

It’s that time of year again! LA Fashion Week (LAFW) is coming back in March. What better way to prepare for LAFW auditions than with one of these two workshops coming up on February 27th in Hollywood, CA:


Workshops Feb 2016

ADVANCED Runway Refresher, 12-1p

Perfect your runway walk at this ADVANCED Runway Refresher, and return to STRUT STATUS just days before LAFW auditions begin. This fast-paced, one-hour coaching session is NOT for beginners. Refresh your audition technique, tip skills, and correct walk blunders all in the same time it will take to watch one episode of Scandal!


BEGINNER Runway Workshop, 1-3p

Sign up for the Beginner Runway Workshop with Nikol Davis, days before LA Fashion Week auditions begin! Learn how to walk with confidence, get great action photos, and have astrong runway presence through specific techniques only taught here!


Space is limited, don’t wait… Register here!