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You Ask Why I’m Single. Here’s Why…

Posted By on February 12, 2016 in My Life, My View | 2 comments

You Ask Why I’m Single. Here’s Why…
She has walls because she’s been stabbed before, those walls have built higher standards. She’s looking for a man that won’t crumble when he hears the word commitment or consistency. She finally realized that all of those sorrys should have been goodbyes, and that she was only holding on because she still felt it. What she felt was pain & pain isn’t validation that he deserves a spot in her life anymore. She was tired of being ‘used to’ that. She doesn’t want someone perfect, because love isn’t perfect. She wants [someone] worth it & a man that won’t force her to prove her own worth. She’s ready to give love a second chance because the cheap love of her past doesn’t define her as a woman. She realized that her past of what she’s been through has made her ready & capable to meet someone who stays. That the heartbreaks & damage was a test so she didn’t settle for cheap. Words mean nothing [from] a man that can’t follow with action. She’s not willing to make the same mistakes anymore. – @Pinelopis  

You Deserve...

  I’m ready to open my heart again, with new qualifications…



  1. Emmanuel February 12, 2016

    The shortest, most detailed description of what it should be, perhaps you are taking a bold step and making the right decision to open your heart to something awesome once again. Not many can come around to dare again after being burned in the past…..or present.

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